Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Viscera Film Festival Boasts an Impressive Panel of Judges

One sign that a horror film festival is growing -- and gaining in prestige -- is in the evolution of its panel of judges. Most festivals are initially judged by its founders or fans. In its first few years, the Viscera Film Festival's judges were its co-founders, Shannon Lark and Heidi Honeycutt (aka Heidi Matinuzzi).

That changed last year. And this year, the Viscera's panel of judges is an especially impressive group of industry veterans. They are:

* Gale Anne Hurd (producer, The Walking Dead, Terminator)

* Mary Harron (director, American Psycho)

* Catherine Hardwicke (director, Twilight, Red Riding Hood)

* Rachel Talalay (director, Nightmare on Elm Street 6, Tank Girl)

* Steve Niles (author, 30 Days of Night)

* Elizabeth Stanley (producer, Trailers from Hell)

* Tony DiBlasi (director, Dread)

* Amber Benson (actress, Buffy director, Drones)

* Dew Daywalt (director, Leprechaun's Revenge)

* Barbara Peeters (director, Humanoids from the Deep)

* John Skipp (author, Mondo Zombie)

* Michelle Maxwell McLaren (director, The Walking Dead)

* Mary Lambert (director, Pet Semetary)

* Emily Hagins (My Sucky Teen Romance)

This year the Viscera will screen on July 7, 2012, at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.



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