Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2012 Los Angeles Film Festival Honors Horror

It seems every other horror film festival laments that horror is a forgotten genre, an ignored and abused genre. Thus Such-and-Such Horror Film Festival was founded to finally correct that oversight.

But it just ain't so!

The mainstream does not forget or ignore or disrespect horror. Many mainstream film festivals welcome horror. As the latest example, consider the highly prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival.

Their 2012 selections include at least two horror shorts: 3113 and Juan of the Dead.

Check out the 3113 trailer below (looks like horror to me):

Also consider Juan of the Dead's trailer:

Also playing at the L.A. Film Festival is the feature length Saturday Morning Massacre:

There may be other horror films at the Los Angeles Film Festival. I just haven't bothered to check their entire schedule.

But horror filmmakers, please let's put to rest this myth that the mainstream ignores horror films. The mainstream welcomes good horror films. Yes, the competition is fierce. But if your horror film was rejected, the solution is not to whine about genre discrimination, but to improve your craft!


For a behind-the-scenes look at horror film festivals and the festival directors who manage them, see Horror Film Festivals and Awards. This book also includes a directory of over 200 horror film festivals, and a list of festival award winners from dozens of festivals over several decades.

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