Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crypticon Seattle 2012 -- Call for Entries

Is there a horror convention that isn't climbing aboard the film festival bandwagon?

Crypticon Seattle is now accepting entries for its first horror film festival. Yes, there's an Entry Fee, but it apparently covers all three Crypticons, and it can be waived in certain cases.

From the Crypticon Seattle website:

Crypticon films often feature exciting and controversial subjects. From
Lovecraft to Godzilla, foreign films to no-budget indies, Dracula to (gulp) Edward, films at the convention can cover every facet and nuance of horror.

Since submissions are for all three Crypticon conventions deadlines are not direct to be eligible
[sic] for the Seattle convention you must have your film to us by April 5th, 2012.

Crypticon does require a submission fee. If you have had a film at Crypticon in the past this fee will be waived. If you are a local filmmaker please contact us before submitting.

Feature length: $35.00
Short length: $25.00

Details at the Crypticon Seattle website.

There are apparently two other, affiliated Crypticons. One is in Minneapolis. I'm not sure where the third Crypticon is held.


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