Sunday, May 15, 2011

Los Angeles Hosts World's Largest Zombie Walk

What is a zombie walk? It's when a group of people in zombie makeup gather for a mass saunter. (Real zombie saunter rather than walk or run.) Horror film festivals and conventions sometimes host zombie walks. Other zombie walks are standalone events.

Last weekend, Los Angeles hosted what claims to be the world's largest zombie walk to date. According to the L.A. Weekly:

"About 800 people gathered around Pershing Square in the guise of the brain-hungry undead in an attempt to break the world record for biggest mob of zombies in a group walk on Friday, May 13. Many of the gore-goers were dressed head-to-toe and said they'd prepared their costumes weeks in advance, while others came straight from work and simply doused themselves in red paint. The youngest zombie was just over a year old, proof you're never too young to get in on a little flesh eating.

You can see photos at the L.A. Weekly.


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