Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indie Film Net Announces Midnight Movie Series

This press release was submitted by IndieFilmNet's Bob Golibersuch:

IndieFilmNet (IFN) a digital/e-cinema network currently providing major arthouse movies and performing arts presentations to theatres worldwide, has announced the launch of IFN:MIDNIGHTS a movie series and theatrical release slate dedicated to horror and other edgy genre titles.

IFN:MIDNIGHTS will be featuring new horror titles from indie filmmakers, monster and grindhouse revivals, as well as other genre-bending movies to thrill midnight audiences.

"Horror and midnight movies have a rabid and dedicated fan base in almost every city," said Bob Golibersuch, IFN Director of Movie Programming and owner of Screening Room Cinemas (home to the Buffalo Screams Film Festival). "We intend to combine midnight classics and undiscovered thrillers with the new crop of indie horror movies to create a series of titles that will satisfy horror fans and be an exciting big screen group experience."

Depending on the release, IFN acts as either the theatrical distributor or digital release partner. Theatres are able to book midnight shows, single screenings or full-run engagements for any title in the series.

Initial titles include the award winning Australian exploitation homage, El Monstro del Mar, the must-see movie of the spring Hobo With a Shotgun, and a digital revival of The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

IFN is a digital/e-cinema network assembled for the theatrical distribution and presentation of movies and alternative content. With its head office in New York and operations center in Montreal, the network focuses on delivering performing arts productions, concerts, major specialty releases and independent features to digitally equipped cinema venues in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, UK and other territories.

For more information on submitting movies for consideration OR booking IFN:MIDNIGHTS for your theatre, please contact: Bob Golibersuch, 716-837-0376, 716-465-0651, bobg@screeningroom.net


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