Monday, July 9, 2012

American Cinematheque Seeks Short Horror Films

Good news for the hundreds (thousands?) of filmmakers seeking distribution for their hard-to-place short films. You are not limited to film festivals.

The American Cinematheque runs two film theaters in the Los Angeles area: The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, and the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. And they screen short films!

Their Alternative Screen program is for films of 10 - 12 minutes maximum running time -- but they also welcome longer shorts for occasional genre programs ... including horror and sci-fi shorts. Yes, they specifically mention those genres.

According to American Cinematheque's website:

Alternative Screen does accept short films, however, we generally do not play films in this program that are longer than 10-12 minutes, because they are shown preceding a feature film. Shorts addressed to Margot Gerber should not be longer than 12 minutes.

If you have a short film that does not seem to fit into the description of what The Alternative Screen plays -- it may fit into the themed short film programs we present several times per year. Use the address below to submit it, but address it to the attention of ANDREW CRANE (ext. 112). Past short programs have included Gay & Lesbian shorts, New York shorts, Women's Shorts, French shorts and Spanish shorts and a sci-fi/horror program.

Their website says "THIS SERIES IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS" -- but don't let that discourage you. I was at the Egyptian Theater last Saturday, and there were flyers about their shorts program. So it may be that the website is out of date.

Click here for details about how to submit short films.

Also check out the American Cinematheque website.


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