Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Zed Fest's Call for Entries

Yet another horror film festival has opened in Los Angeles -- Zed Fest. That makes 10 horror film festivals currently operating in Los Angeles (assuming that Paranoia Fest is still extant; it may not be).

Zed Fest says that they're seeking"low budget independent and amateur" films in the "zombie, horror, science fiction, and action genres."

It's interesting that they distinguish between zombie and horror films. Does this mean that zombies films are so prevalent that they're now a genre unto themselves? Certainly not every zombie film is horror. Many are comedies. (Usually, not too funny.)

Zed Fest also has a screenplay competition.

Their first screening was in 2010. They're based in North Hollywood and their 2012 screening is set for November 3, 2012.

For details on how to enter, go to


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