Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bryan Wolford Raising Funds for Myctophobia

Bryan Wolford, co-founder/co-director of the Drunken Zombie Film Festival, is raising money for his own short film project, Myctophobia.

In his email, Wolford tells me that Myctophobia will begin production in February, for the short film compilation, The Collective Volume 4.

The theme of all films in The Collective Volume 4 is "emotions".

Wolford was assigned fear as his film's emotion. After researching phobias, he settled on myctophobia -- fear of the dark. His script is about a myctophobia sufferer who's alone at home when the lights go out.

The Collective Volume 4 is to premiere at the Days of the Dead convention on July 6-8, 2012, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wolford is seeking funds through Indie Go Go so that "the cast and crew gets a little pocket change out of the experience and to help pay for some special effects for the film. All filming with be done over a weekend in late February to keep the costs low."

There are some perks for contributing, so check out the above link.


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