Monday, November 7, 2011

Carnival of Darkness Canceled for 2011

What was to be the third annual Carnival of Darkness horror short film festival did not occur this year. According to festival director Alex Bram, "I skipped Carnival this year because I was focusing on creating some new film projects for myself."

Bram was an award-winning horror filmmaker before turning festival director, so essentially, he has returned to his roots.

The script for one of Bram's projected three horror films was co-written by Jeffrey Reddick, co-writer of the original Final Destination. Last year, Reddick was a guest speaker at Bram's 2010 Carnival of Darkness festival.

I've often observed that many festival directors hold (or aspire to hold) other jobs in the film industry, and that running a horror film festival is a great way to make contacts with potential future employers and/or business partners. This may be another such case.

Details on Bram's upcoming film projects may be found at Panic Attack Films.

Bram reports that Carnival of Darkness is expected to return for its third edition in 2012.


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