Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Michael J. Hein, RIP

Michael J. Hein, founder of the New York City Horror Film Festival, died last Saturday of a heart attack. He was 41. reports that Hein's 2001 directorial debut Biohazardous, "led to the development of the New York City Horror Film Festival.

" 'Mike was submitting Biohazardous to various film festivals and realized there was no horror festival in New York,' said Anthony Pepe, a special-effects makeup artist who worked with Mr. Hein on Biohazardous and other projects.

"Mr. Hein and Pepe launched the five-day, Halloween-season festival in 2002 at the Tribeca Film Center. Mr. Hein was festival director and Pepe the programming director. The event screened 30 films its first year.

"Last year it was based at Tribeca Cinemas. With Mr. Hein's death, the status of the 10th annual New York City Horror Film Festival, is up in the air, his mother said."

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